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Sweeet Landscaping's patio design, provides custom patio design and construction of paver patios, raised patios, multi-tiered patios, backyard patios, garden patios and pool patios for both commercial and residential projects. Sweeet Landscaping patio designers can offer a wide selection of patio materials and unique patio applications. Exquisite patio designs can be created utilizing patio pavers, bluestone and flagstone, concrete, brick or a selection of outdoor tile and natural stone.

Patio Design & Installation

Sweeet Landscaping’s patio designers will work one-on-one with each client to create patios that meet each client's needs and desires - and then go on to exceed those expectations. We will help you choose the perfect patio location, patio materials, patio size and shape, and will ensure that your new custom patio is as beautiful as it is functional.


We are experienced in designing and installing backyard patios, garden patios, and pool patios, and can create the perfect environment that is tranquil and relaxing, as well as conducive to entertaining family and friends.


Meeting Your Needs

• Raised Patios - We provide raised patio design and construction including multi-tiered raised patios, raised patios with steps, raised driveway patios, and raised patio entrances. Raised patios provide privacy, easy accessibility to a home, great entertainment spaces and eye-catching design.


• Paver Patios - We provide paver patio design and construction for paver patios, backyard patios, garden patios and pool patios throughout Eastern MA and Southern NH.   We also install .paver patio steps, paver walkways and paver driveways.


• Brick Patios - We provide brick patio design and construction for brick patios, backyard patios, garden patios and pool patios. We also install brick patio steps, brick walkways and brick driveways.


• Bluestone Patios - We provide bluestone patio designs and construction for patios and walkways.


• Flagstone Patios - We offer flagstone patio designs and construction.


• Patio Design Enhancements - Our patio design specialists can incorporate landscape design, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, fireplaces and fire pits into any custom patio design.


• Commercial and Residential Patio Installation - We install commercial and residential patios to meet any design requirements.


• Patio Materials - We offer the option of high quality pavers , bluestone, flagstone, concrete, travertine , outdoor tile and natural stone.

Patio Design and Construction

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