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Sweeet Landscaping has been designing and building retaining walls in Eastern MA and Southern NH for over 11 years.  


Our retaining wall specialists are experts at constructing retaining walls that blend in perfectly with your surrounding landscape design.  We build retaining walls at low costs for both residential and commercial properties.  


"How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence."

- Benjamin Disraeli

We'll build you a retaining wall to support vertical grade changes, prevent soil erosion and downward slope movement, or make landscaping tiers. We use the most common building materials for this application such as: masonry, interlocking blocks, natural stone and interlocked bricks.


Retaining wall stability is enhanced by sloping the wall’s face to create a setback or batter. A gravity retaining wall relies on its own weight to hold back the forces of the soil, and the internal leverage of earth pressure can be quite significant. We never just slap together a wall – our engineers determine location, size, slope, drainage systems, concrete density, and steel reinforcement, based on soil reports and your specific needs.


Sweeet Landscaping can build retaining walls to make useful space in your yard, to reinforce the slope around the foundation in order to add a second story to an existing structure, build an underground retaining wall to help excavation for building very effective wine cellars, reinforce existing retaining walls or anything else you may need when it comes to retaining walls.

Do you need to hold back soil surrounding an excavation?

Retaining Wall Solutions

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