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Beautifully crafted walkways

Sweeet Landscaping has built many natural garden walkways, woodland walks and formal walkways to our customers front doors.  We can also build you a walk to nowhere or to a special mediation spot.  


Walkway materials can vary, and Sweeet Landscaping can design to any tast or preference using a variety of materials.  


Gravel - can be used for garden walkways and pathways. We’ll make sure to put edging and other protective barriers around your walkway, so gravel stays on the path rather than in your garden or lawn. There is a variety of colors and cuts available for you to choose from for your walkway.


Paving stone - is another sturdy material that can be designed in a wide variety of patterns for your walkways. It can give your home a classy or rustic charm. For example, flagstones can almost take you back to a different era, such as a 1940’s cottage garden. If you don’t want to go back in time, you can create a pathway through a secret garden with pavers’ variety of shapes and two-tone colors.


Brick - gives you a plethora of style options to choose from. If you have an elegant home with a gated entrance, a brick walkway shouts class. If you have a small garden patio, brick gives charm and elegance. You may want a simple garden pathway made out of different brick colors to create interest and build it to meander between different parts of your landscape.


Concrete - is a multi-dimensional, multi-purpose product that can be designed into stepping stones, a traditional sidewalk pattern, or an uber-urban tile look. The designs and colors are endless.

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