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Making a good first impression with clients and visitors is an important part of keeping your business successful. Knowing that you begin setting the tone for that first impression before your visitors even reach your front door means you are a step ahead of the competition. A warm, welcoming landscape will give your business a professional appearance that makes people feel comfortable. Clean, well maintained parking lots and walkways let your visitors know you want them there.


Sweeet Landscaping are the best in professional commercial landscape maintenance for your business, school, church or other property.

The professional commercial care difference.


Commercial landscape maintenance requires a different set of skills than taking care of the grass and gardens of a home. Commercial spaces are more precise and professional in appearance and require mowing and trimming be neat and clean. Walkways and parking lots need to be impeccable. Commercial lawns also tend to be much larger and require specialized equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. The Grounds Guys have the knowledge, tools and experience to handle residential yards and commercial landscapes of all sizes and styles.


What services does commercial landscape maintenance include?


• Flower and Bed Care. Pruning, weeding, dead-heading flowers and mulching are all part of the flower and bed care services.

• Spring and Fall Clean Up. Clearing debris, preparing beds for the season and removing leaves in the fall are just a few of the seasonal clean up jobs that are part of commercial grounds care.

•Irrigation. More than just watering the lawn, a well planned landscape and irrigation system conserves water while providing beautiful results.

• Grounds Enhancements. From floral arrangements, planning of annual gardens, mulching and more, our team can plan a landscape that perfectly suits your needs.

• Parking Lot Maintenance. Regular sweeping and clearing of debris, seal coating, line striping and performing repairs are some of the ways we can take care of your parking lot.


Why use professionals?


The benefits of having professionals maintain your commercial grounds include:

•Exacting standards. Perfectly manicured lawns, gardens, shrubs and plants. Pristine walkways and parking lots.

•Knowledgeable workers. Understanding how to care for grass, flowers and plants means your lawn and garden look their best year-round.

•Timely work. Sweeet Landscaping use a customized estimating system to precisely determine the time and team size required for any job – big or small.

•Dedication. More than just the “lawn guy” who comes out to cut the grass, our team will be dedicated to making your property look its best.

•Hassle Free. Once we know what you need, we show up and get the job done. You have enough to think about -- leave the commercial grounds care to us.


No matter what your commercial landscape needs are, Sweeet Landscaping can help. Our team of experienced professionals can make your entire landscape work for you and your business. Call for an estimate today.


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